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June 18, 2007


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Urani aFernandez

Fell in love wit hNicaragua 2010 .Have been back three tomes . I have a home and some land there . My husband is Nicaraguan, Was recently deported and is there with our children.I am so ready to leave , but he sayswe need to start a bussiness. Any ideas ??? Ocaotal has almost everything.We have a storefront that sales meat, arroz frijoles etc ...

Bill Cahill

Oh yes and i did forget, about 150 bottles of my favorite Fanta Rojo!!! Cant get enuff of it!!

Bill Cahill

As I've recently hit the big 40 this year, I must looks at my accomplishments: Homeless teen, tossed out of my parents house for having long hair and listening to heavy metal music and wanting to draw, clawing my way to being the first to graduate high school by sleeping at a variety of friends homes, basements, cars, tents and dark hidden canopies! After high school I cut my long locks and joined the US Marine Corps. Still bitter at the world and family the Corps wasnt easy, but it was easier than the streets! But i served this country and did so honorably! After the Marines I moved to florida in an attempt to patch things with my family that within
My time serving had almost all relocated to the Tampa area, I speak to some of my family but relations with my mother and stepfather never was good and at present is null and
Void! Now im a single father, raising my 14 yr old daughter with my fiance of 7 yrs we have managed to acquire some property and are looking to relocated! She had lived in Nicaragua for many years as a teen, when her father was with the french embassy and we took vacation here in 2009! Utilizing thier old gardener as an escort we fell in love with Grenada and beauty, Masaya and San Juan Del Sur! As time goes by and we hit what looks like will
Be another 4 yrs with Obama, unemployment, etc etc etc. the fact that neither party in The US isnt on a corporate payroll, I find myself disenfranchised with Americans, The American Dream and the American Way together! We will be journeying with her family to look at what Nicaragua has to offer, something to buy, renovate and begin a new life!! Maybe a bed n breakfast, an internet cafe, a few bungalows on a beach! Something that I may one day be able to say, I did this! This will be a short trip this time, just to get the feelers out there! Im
Hoping its a good trip! If not atleast I get tow weeks sipping Tona and Flor De Cana under a leafy canopy in one of the most beautiful countries Ive ever
Been to!! See you soon!!

Phil J

Thanks for this article, as it really provided the unique perspective of an expat; very useful info!

My gf and I am heading down to Nicaragua in May, and will be traveling around for 6 months or so, while I decide what business to start, and where our ideal location would be. We would like to be an asset to whatever community we end up in, as you've described in the article. If you are not opposed to it, I would love to connect via email/skype, etc (and perhaps we'll come visit when we're down there!). Please feel free to email me at the email address from this post!

Thanks again!


Well written and I am headed down to Leon, myself, in about 2 weeks! Wish me luck.

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Nicaragua is really a wonderful place. It is refreshing to be there. I’ve been there for quite some time and I enjoyed it. Still, Nicaragua is a great place for business opportunities. Actually, I had originally planned to stay there for a long time.

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Nick Matyas

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It is refreshing to see someone tell the up and downside to living in Nicaragua...The theft is like living in the ghetto,unless you have a live in nica maid or family...i read something about that...thanks

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