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November 03, 2008


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Paul Isaac Jr - NYsentinel)

This is for Dan Wallace(RIP)and his father FDNY Lt Robert WallaceE205(LODD 911RIP)

Watch the following three post and see if you can spot the bullshit.

A. Louie bee posted the following issue of Luke R stealing WAC/NY from Sabrina Rivera:

Quote from: louiebee on Today at 04:26:01 AM
Hi everyone my name is Louie Bee. My team and I have been pursuing transparency of the finances publicly since we were kicked out of We are change NY. 

Luke's records have been turned over to the authorities. I have been told that there is a case. So I wont be able to post anymore of his records however if you saw in my last post i compared when they used chip-in and described what they used donations for and now the swapped it for the non-transparent papal widget with no description of what donations would be used for.

As far as Fitzgerald he is in charge of what gets posted on the site. That used to be my job when i was in Luke's inner circle. So Luke must trust him with the password. So he must not mind he is a mason. 

I am telling you Duncan WAC NY is corrupt from the time Luke Stole the group fromSabrina Rivera. 

It was Dan Wallace (Sabrina's Original BoyFriend before he died + Victims Family member not the same Dan@wearechange.org) and Sabrina Rivera(not a victims family member however she uses Dan Wallace's fathers funeral card to gain access to strictly victims family member events for Luke) that started WAC. Then after Dan Wallace died one month later she started dating Luke and then Luke took control. So it really isn’t Luke's group its technically Sabrina's however she relinquished control toLuke

please read my latest post however with more damning evidence

http://crotchshotradio.com/2010/03/16/l ... s-account/


Now watch this post from 2009 where Sabrina Rivera still declares her love for Luke R while only mention Dan Wallace as a friend:

‎25 Things you either probably or not know about meeee♥ ‎
از ‎BRi Karma Rivera‎‏ (یادداشت ها‏) در تاریخ دوشنبه, فوریه 09, 2009‏ و ساعت 11:02 قبل از ظهر‏
RULES: Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it is because I want to know more about you. 

1. I love you babe. Yeah, you LukeRudkowski. hehe 
2. I’m hopeful that all this hard work is bringing us closer to saving the world and getting justice for all 9/11 Victim’s Family Members. 
3. I want more guts to do truth squads! 
4. When someone hurts my feelings, I never forget it. 
5. I would like not to hold grudges anymore and learn to just let go of the anger and animosity because the people who you hold grudges against or are angry at don’t really care that you are, so why bother. It just ruins you in the long run. 
6. I wish I had more talents like singing, dancing, playing an instrument or all three. I just don’t have the right coordination or a good singing voice. 
7. I have been through some tough times in my life and if you can’t see that then you’re obviously not someone I should associate myself with. 
8. I’m scared of ending up in a FEMA camp, America fascism and losing our national sovereignty. 
9. I actually thought in the year 2000 we would be living like the Jetsons or at least like Michael J Fox in Back to The Future. I was very disappointed that it didn’t happen. 
10. I would like real news to be reported for a change. I DON’T CARE THAT JESSICA SIMPSON GOT FAT! 
11. It disgusts me how people will bid on ridiculous things on e-bay like a piece of paper with the number 867-5309 or purchasing the number itself. It’s on e-bay for $369,100. 
12. I hate it when people tell me what to do, so don't, ever. 
13. My taste in music is so eclectic you wouldn’t believe some of the artists I listen to. 
14. The groupies of this movement make me laugh. I’m glad I’m not one. 
15. Like my moods, my handwriting changes with each one. 
16. I love all of my friends and they know who they are and I want to apologize that I don't get to see ya'll as much as I want, but I want you to know that I think of you always. 
17. I'm the type of person that will let you know exactly where you stand in my book. Right Bitch? LOL 
18. I smoke every chance I get and I'm not ashmed to admit it. 
19. I'm totally lost without my electronics and that includes my mac, my ipod, my video camera, my picture camera, my gps, and my phone. Yes I am a nerd and what! oh and yes I carry all of these with me on a daily basis. 
20. i really really really really want a bull doggie. 
21. I'm running out of things to say. 
22. For those sluts who think they can cross me and not get away with, HAHA hun think again. I will hunt you down where ever you are. 
23. My full name is Sabrina Asuncion Rivera 
24. I will never have regrets. Everything you do at that moment in time had a specific purpose. 
25. Dan Wallace was a bestfriend and even though he isn't here physically I know he watches over all of us. I will always miss him and he will always be in my heart.

Now check out the suspicious circumstances regarding Dan Wallaces passing including the statement made by NLarosa (Dans Uncle):

On Jun 16, 2009, at 4:43 PM, wearechange latino wrote:

"... Lukaz is in it for the fame. |You no they broke up right but sabrina still loves him cause she say she has ptsd from Dan's passing she took self perscribe zanax's before she got a script for it. mexican drugs website are awsome (sarcasm intended)
A few weeks after this turbulent meeting Dan Wallace died (or was killed) and “We Are Change” initiated when Luke and Les Jamieson, the leader of 9/11 “Truth” parted ways.”
Suijuris InfoWarrior: 9/11 A Legal Holiday? 
Jul 9, 2008 … 417 Sabrina Rivera, Ozone Park NY -- Peace & Love, Sabrina A. Rivera Treasurer -Founder www.WeAreChange.org …
suijurisinfowarrior.blogspot.co... - Options
Well Julian i think we spoke before. We met in person. I am a real truther. I have been after luke for transparency for a while now i got the records from his Ex (Sabrina Rivera) but we have to wait for law enforcement to give us the ok to release information.
-Louie Bee / truthmove.org
He(Dan Wallace) only knew Luke for 3-4 months, so this was all new to him. From what i know Rivera (Sabrina) manages all the money coming in for the fund raiser of selling t-shirts for the Feal good foundation and wearechange donations. she claims all the money goes go to the feal good foundation but i think it’s a lie…
NLarosa / Dan Wallaces Uncle
Luke Rudkowski is dating Dan’s girlfriend. They used her lie that she was a family member of a victim to gain access to the memorial service at Ground Zero this year, in order to yell at Rudy Guiliani.
-Mark Roberts “Gravy”
On Jun 16, 2009, at 4:43 PM, wearechange latino wrote:

"... Lukaz is in it for the fame. |You no they broke up right but sabrina still loves him cause she say she has ptsd from Dan's passing she took self perscribe zanax's before she got a script for it. mexican drugs website are awsome (sarcasm intended)
On Jun 16, 2009, at 7:04 PM, wearechange latino wrote:

The thing is i have no confirmation which is why i have not mad these things public i just have what i personally heard from her which can be confirmed by people. Most of the stuff i know is what i heard from Luke and sabrinas own lips


On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 12:57 AM, wearechange latino wrote:
well everytime dan is mentioned in front of sabby she goes off...thats a sign of guilt and NO autopsy thats foul play
His girl friend sabrina rivera was with him the night he died. She is heavily into the 911truth.orgmovement.

I do not know the full story of what happened to my nephew but from what my family were told by Danny’s girl friend sabrina rivera (what i am about to tell you i am still so confused about because her story changed so much into what happened or what he or she did that night, only sabrina Rivera really knows)

Version 1: Danny stayed over at her house that night in Queens and was having trouble breathing, sabrinarivera thought nothing of it and just let him sleep and in the morning she found him very blue and called 911..

Version 2: Danny was having trouble sleeping so he took some sleeping pills was having trouble breathing sabrinarivera thought nothing of it so in the morning when she woke she found him blue and not breathing.

Version 3: sabrina rivera and Danny had just got back from a party and Danny had bought the pills at the party from someone, took them to help*him fall asleep. He took 1, then said these pills aren’t working so took about 15 or some stupid amount of these pills and later that night was having trouble breathing, sabrina rivera waited till morning when she woke*and saw he was blue and not breathing.

Version 4: Danny had bought these pills from this kid and sabrina rivera*is unsure how many pills he took or what kind they were but the pills had some numbers on it. In the morning She found him blue and not breathing.
-NLarosa (Dans Uncle)

Dan Wallace (RIP) son of 
FDNY Lt Robert Wallace E205 (911 KIA-RIP)

Paul Isaac Jr (NYsentinel at Large)

(DAY 51) 31 October 2001
“I have been alarmed by a featured item in the morning paper. It was announced today that the CITY (IE Giuliani) is reducing the presence at Ground Zero of the fire department, police department, and the port authority police to 25 personnel from each uniformed service for each eight-hour shift." “Also, more than $200 million in gold and silver was recovered from a vault deep in the basement area that was leased by the bank of Nova Scotia.”
-Dennis Smith (Author)
Pages 335-336
Report From Ground Zero

Holloween Scoop $ Dump !!!

The dead rest not...

Paul Isaac Jr (NYsentinel)


When you look at my research on the NYC Y2K Pamplet notice the shadows and which the direction they point from.

1. The North Tower Shadow is coming from the East from Brooklyn/Queens
2. The Brooklyn Bridge Shadow comes above. 

If these shadows corresponded to a clock you would shadow (1) from the three o clock position and shadow (2) coming from the 11 o clock postion when you look at the picture from reverse from Mahattan to Brooklyn the Clock reads 9-11

Paul Isaac Jr-NYsentinel


I did forward this link last year to ABC news, to the aging older fellow who asks for tips on news stories. This video has yet to make it to ABC news....you have to wonder after a catastrophic, world changing event such as 9/11 occurs =- that new information isn't gratefully appreciated and delivered to all....yet all I keep hearing about is all those jews who died in the holocaust...while ignoring the other 36+ million people who died as if they never mattered at all...it just doesn't make sense does it?


This video was released on November 8, 2008; it was a warning to then President Bush...it signaled him to remain quiet and not break under the pressure of the revelation that this depression we were headed into was going to be worse than the great depression; he said this in a news conference. The release of this anonymous video is a classic scare tactic. But...because it was released means, MANY people who don't play fair know the truth...and the truth can be found out and the truth can be thought to be used for one way but end up being used for another....more revelations are coming.

Paul Isaac (NYsentinel

“When I got up to 23(Tower1) it was kind of quiet on the floor–very dark, I saw some firefighters moving around, but not any command post or chiefs. The hallway was full of debris where I was walking, debris about three feet high covering a whole section of the hallway. I was puzzled as to what it was, because I know the plan had hit way above.”
FDNY Lieutenant Mickey Cross
Engine 16
Page 72 Report from Ground Zero
Dennis Smith

“Ten Minutes before the building collapse (North tower), Paddy Brown got on the department radio to say there were many seriously burned victims on the thirty six floor, Then he called “MAYDAY MAYDAY,’ Chief Haydon tried to raise him in return: “Paddy Brown, Paddy Brown!’ But no one ever heard from him again. It was reported later that somebody warned him: ” We gotta get out, Paddy.” Paddy Only Replied, “We gotta get these people out.”(Author Dennis Smith)Page 266Report From Ground Zero

American Pride
Strength & Honor

Never Forget


Paul Isaac (NYsentinel)

(8:50 a.m.) September 11, 2001: Secret Service Agent Outside Cheney’s Office Learns Plane that Hit WTC Is Passenger Jet

While he is waiting outside the vice president’s office for a scheduled meeting, Dick Cheney’s chief speechwriter John McConnell has been chatting with Cheney’s secretary Debbie Heiden and the Secret Service agent posted at the door. They all see the news about the first plane hitting the World Trade Center on the television above Heiden’s desk. McConnell later recalls, “There wasn’t any kind of alarm. It was just kind of, ‘Oh man, look at that.’” The Secret Service agent then receives an urgent call from the agency’s intelligence division. According to McConnell, “He put the phone down and told me: passenger jet. And that’s when you go, Geez. And then you start getting a sick feeling. Because a passenger aircraft is not going to crash into the World Trade Center.” [Hayes, 2007, pp. 329-330] But, according to the 9/11 Commission, it is not until they learn of the second crash at 9:03 that nearly everyone in the White House realizes this is not an accident (see (Between 8:46 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.) September 11, 2001). [9/11 Commission, 7/24/2004, pp. 35]
Entity Tags: Debbie Heiden, John McConnell, Secret Service
Timeline Tags: 9/11 Timeline
Category Tags: All Day of 9/11 Events, Dick Cheney

Paul Isaac (NYsentinel

Testemony of Corporation Counsel Mike Hess: “Mike in fact arrived at 7 WTC before it was evacuated, but seeing thatr we weren’t there, he phoned back to cityhall ta ask where we were. He had reached kate, who at the point didn’t know we were at 75 barclay.” “Mike was in 7 world trade center, itself a 47 story building. He had gone to the 23 floor to search for us. Everyone else in the building had already evacuated, and the elevators were inoperatable, so mike began walking down the stairs. When he got to the 8 th floor, tower 1-collapsed, part of it falling on top of the southern part of 7wtc. Luckily, he was in the northern section of the building. Unluckily, he was trapped, as the stairs were impassable. Mike went into an office on the 8th floor, joind only by a fellow from the housing authority. The building was filling up with smoke and dust from the collapsed towers.”
“Together, the men stood at the window for two hours yelling to firefighters below. The firemen kept shouting instructions but told them they couldn’t get up to rescue them, which puzzled mike and his companion because they didn’t know about the towers’ collapse.”

(Leadership -Rudolph W Giuliani)

Bunch of Idiots

Yep - what looks like the core is visible, with pieces breaking off.

Also, it's absolutely clear that the collapse was nowhere near freefall - the detritus falls much faster than the collapse point.

As for WTC7, it can be clearly seen to be increasingly leaning forward as the collapse progresses - suggesting damage sustained at the front of the building, perhaps. Also explains why the rear of the building lay on top the rubble pile. Not in its own footprint - not symmetrical.


--The most important thing about this video is the shot of the North Tower collapsing. Pause it when the collapse begins and you clearly see that the building was collapsing at the top AND the bottom at the same time.
--Since all the damage was some 80 stories up, that's impossible.
--Barring human aid--or teleportation of the damage in the best science fiction fashion.
--This proves that the official story for the collapse is definitely a crock of crap.


Note the smoke billowing out from the bottom of the north tower at 2:36; that fits with eye witnesses who heard and saw explosions in the sub-basements of the towers. Destroying the foundation is critical in demolition.


The WTC7 video is detailed enough that some enterprising person who lives in NYC should be able to at least find the exact spot from which it was made. Use the allignment of still-standing buildings in the video to pinpoint the spot. The detail is sharp enough to determine the filming location within probably twenty feet. Is the spot a public area or is it a private area? That may help determine the origin of the video.


Hard to dispute something after seeing it with your own eyes.

Within a few months of the tower collapse, I listened to an interview of this guy who said that these very same towers were part of an old CIA operation plan back in 1977. It was an experiment to see the disruption of a major city after flying a 727 Boeing plane into the skyscrapers. What was amazing about the interview was that when the guy saw the towers fall while watching TV, he could not believe that it was happening for real.

Another thing, the building were designed to take a direct crash by a 727 Boeing plane and not fall. The retired operative said, "back then, they did not have 747's. The 727 was the big one".

What gives it away for me is the obvious. If someone knocked down two towers in your homeland, you would have your best criminal inspectors. The crime scene would be preserved, lots of questioning of employees, lots of lab work. I mean, it would be the greatest criminal investigation of all times.

Other countries, such as Japan, Denmark, and Russia; have had their own investigations. It does not take a consensus to prove that a crime has been committed. I say we use "PreCognition" on our public servants from now on; just like in the Tom Cruise movie. Maybe even have an electronic shock device attached to them as well. That way, when they try to pull one over on us, they get shocked. Maybe we can get Tasser to make it for us. They seem to think Tassers are ok on us citizens; so I guess it is safe to use on them . Heck, most judges agree.

Paul Isaac (NYsentinel

“The Port Authority closed the 1990s with a stream of press releases announcing the rental of unimaginable huges quantities of Trade Center office space to “Cutting Edge” firms like Sun Microsystems. Yet around the complex A MILLION SQAURE FEET STOOD EMPTY, and the building originaly intended as great catalizing chambers of world trade were by degrees, transforming into a kind of DISJUNTIVE REAL ESTATE LAYER-CAKE. One story above the carpeted, wood- paneled offices of a Japanese securities firm, A GROUP OF ARTIST FILLED BARE WALL WITH BOLDLY COLLORED IMAGES AND HUNG SCULPURES FROM THE EXPOSED CEILING GIRDERS OF VAST ECHOING CAVERNS. As part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council program that TURN SOME OF THE VACANT SPACE IN THE TOWER OVER TO ARTIST RENT FREE, 40.000 SQUARE FEET OF CONCRETE FLOOR lay painted and strewn with the Raw materials of creative urge that has never been easily reconciled with the imperatives of a bottom line. Under such conditions, one could begin to read in the Trade Center symptoms of an internal fragmentation quite at odds with the image of a thriving, Class-A lower Manhattan Office Complex.”Pages 191-192 Divided We Stand Eric Darton (1999)

“The Downtown Lower Manhattan Association and Department of City Planning, in their joint 1993 Plan for Lower Manhattan, proposed RADICALLY CULLING THE HERD OF OLDER BUILDINGS. The suggestion of even broader plazas, in place of OBSOLETE SKYSCRAPPERS, put a positive spin on an OFF-THE RECORD OBSERVATION BY THE DLMA spokesman that in order to stabilize property values, SEVERAL DOZEN DOWNTOWN OFFICE BUILDINGS WOULD SIMPLY HAVE TO BE RAZED.”Page 206 Divided We Stand Eric Darton(1999)

American Pride
Strength & Honor

Never Forget

Paul Isaac (NYsentinel)


Paul Isaac (NYsentinel

The Following testimony is from Dennis Smith (FDNY Ret). Author of Report from Engine Company 82. Honorary Chief FDNY (Lots of time on) This is a desciption of WTC7 from the about the time after the second (T2) Collapse. He is now on Vessey and West st pulling 6 and Half inch hose from FireBoat Harvey. He describes the following: “I learn then that the Chief has been clearing the area in anticipation of the collapse of the forty-seven stories of WTC7. Suddenly, several hundred firefighters are milling about, and when the order is given we all are moved back another few hundred feet from the corner of vessey and West. We just mingle there, talking quietly, I meet a police captain, and ask if he has seen joe dunne, the first deputy Commisioner. The captain shakes his head and say, “It’s not Good, what I hear.” Page 175 Report From Ground Zero (Dennis Smith) ” All of a sudden the forty seven story building before us begions to shake. “Its Coming down,” someone yells, and everyone gets poised to run in the oposite direction, I head to the with a small group into the bagelshop at the uptown side of the street, but I am watching the building as it begins to crumble, It falls almost as if in slow motion, sinking straight down, and then leans to the south, leaving most of its rubble against the north wall of building 6.” “I wait for the dark cloud of concret dust to come hurtling towards us, but it rolls in the other direction, towards the northeast”
Page 176
Report from Ground Zero (Dennis Smith)



Something new in this North Tower video. I am talking about the exposure of what looked to be the steel core still in place as the outer building fell away. At first I thought it was just dust, but check it out. Up until now I assumed the core dropped in unison with the rest of the structure. When the camera pans back up a second time the core is either gone or obliterated by smoke.


This clearly is a controlled demolition. All the buildings fell straight down. Even me, an uneducated person knows this is staged!

George Wanker Bush

Isn't it amazing how quickly WTC7 came down in such a nice neat vertical fall. And there were only a couple of small fires - no burning plane. And yet, after Larry Silverstein said they did, others denied "pulling" the building. Hmmm. Larry wanted the insurance money. He made sure he got it.

As for the North Tower ... free fall speed in a building collapse is completely impossible. And notice how all the concrete powdered. Isn't that amazing.

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