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August 23, 2009


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If sharks were men, society will understand that ocean nature is very important, and everybody will find solutions for the water pollution, so if you love nature as me, please stop thinking about yourself.

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What a great metaphor. Very poignant, I thought:

"They would teach their little fish that there was an enormous difference between themselves and the little fish belonging to the other sharks. Little fish, they would announce, are well known to be mute, but they are silent in quite different languages and hence find it impossible to understand one another."

This spells it out so clearly doesn't it? If we only spoke to each other, we would see that we're all held captive by the same institutions. Why the silence? In an age of constant communication, you think we'd have reached some understanding by now.

Thanks for sharing this.


I am sending this to my daughter. Thanks for posting!

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