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September 17, 2009


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Jordan Flipsyde

Like reading your blog, can let me learn a lot of truth.

Nicholas Charles Bowman

Don't these things happen all over the world? I just moved back to the U.S.A. after 2 years in Central America. Since my return, amongst other things, a woman was murdered by her boyfriend during a Yoga class at an LA Fitness in the mid-west. A 15 year old boy was burned alive, well he's not dead yet but in the ICU, apparently over a dispute at a San Diego High School. Where ever you end up...there you are.

Guardian Angel

Unfortunately these kinds of crimes are now starting to become more commonplace in the U.S., but the F.B.I. intentionally under-reports these by virtue of a directive from the White House. We live in an imploding nation here with criminal behavior due to the deepening DEPRESSION, triggering more and more violence. It will not be long before a Martial Law declaration happens, even though technically the U.S. has been under Martial Law since September of 2001, recently extended the 'emergency' by B.H.O.

stand by for heavy rolls. We are in for one hell of a storm.

alan swart

Sorry to read of this horrible experience. I hope you both heal, though I have no idea how that level of healing takes place.

jennifer stafinbil

What a terrible nightmare. I am glad you guys were not hurt worse. Sending my love, jen


Glad to hear both of you will be okay; twice appears to be an omen and I wouldn't want to chance a third time.


OMG! That's horrible...glad you're both alright. I'm lucky to be in a country where there's almost no crime - hope it stays that way.

new illuminati

I demur. These things DON'T happen all over the world.
Time you left Nicaragua.


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