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June 26, 2010


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Oh, and even moderate liberals are NOT welcome at DU. Certainly not centrists. These are the elite of the elite of extreme stupidity.

All that entertainment concentrated in one spot!! :D


I've been kicked out of DU 8 times over a period of a couple of years. When you create the new account, make sure you do it from a different IP address.

It's soooooo funny to go in there and poke a stick at their warped view of the world. It's like tossing a rock at a bee hive except all the bees are blind and wouldn't know what to do with their stingers if they had one.

It's a sport. Kinda fun on a slow news day. It beats watching tv... lol


well, their site is a bit dead these days. I think they purged a lot of people. Look at the numbers of comments. virtually nil, and its always like that.

They want to create an echo chamber, their wish is granted.

They should make the name BarackObama underground, as they put Barack over the party.

eff em. Eff Hunter, and Eff their rules.


Being kicked off of DU is a badge of honor.

Yoo Betcha

This is the typical 'innoculated' from ridicule by race card the alleged DEMOcrap party uses to protect Barry Soetoro, from any kind of critical assessment of his abysmally messed up PUPPETANCY he's been installed in very much in the same illegitimate way that the last brain dead moron puppet (bush 2) was.

But to just decry this as an unjust attack by slime, doesn't go far enough. In the new world ODOR of today, both parties are now MERGED at the hip and they are no different from one another than any other two sets of mass murdering gang punks on any international stage. They commit 60 billion every two months to Barry Soetoro's war-mongering and mass murdering, which to you lay people without your calculator's out, that's a billion a day for killing people all over the planet. They support DRONE MURDERING, and indiscriminate use of air strikes to assassinate people everywhere, and I truly don't see any difference between DEM and GOP asshole any longer.

Barry Soetoro being 'innoculated' by his race is pretty much why he was selected for the job. Any criticism of the turd gets thrown up at you as RACISM and of course, it's like any criticism of ISRAEL who is Barry's boss, is ANTI SEMITISM. People with higher reasoning skills, albeit fairly rare in Amerika, actually are seeing this, they don't need it pointed out too very often as to 'why' RACE cards and ANTI SEMITE cards flourish and are almost laughably predictably thrown within seconds of any allegation of wrongdoing against Barry or his zionist jewish handlers in Tel Aviv.


(mena, arkansas, not mean)....thanks for getting the truth out!!

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