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June 21, 2010


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We the real american people of the United States and the World need to know how and what we can do to stop the idiot greedy hyarchy to stop killing us. The people in the south are being poisoned and the president of the US-Obama doesn't even care. He just wants money and to be popular...that will end..it will all end.....


looks like nothing...


OK follow up on "prison buses" (sorry to obsess about something not connected to the article)

Its a LARC-LX. Its an 4 wheel amphibious vehicle with a large well-deck for holding up to 60 tons of cargo. There used to be a reserve Army Transportation unit in Palatka Florida with these vehicles, so it doesn't look like the vehicle has gone very far. Also, they used to be stationed at fort Story, VA.


"the white UN prison buses massed up in Green Cove Springs "
I severely doubt there is such a thing as a "UN prison bus" especially on US soil - don't they refuse to pay their UN dues ? But what are all those buses or vans? Maybe its like the aircraft boneyard in Arizona. How they love to waste our money on excess hardware.


Kikz: While the worst assaults on civil liberties started with the Bush adminstsation, they have worsened under Obama. Everything has gotten worse.

The day after the election, someone asked me if I would return to the US now that a Democrat had won. I said then that Obama was the most dangerous man on the planet. I knew what was going to happen (minus the oil spill), and I knew it would take a Democrat to force the NWO agenda on us.

Notice that there are no protests on the WHite House lawn? If McCain had won and done everything that Obama has done since taking office, there would be mass revolt. So why are people not revolting under Obama?


'The continued assault on civil liberties, the escalation of Afghanistan, the elimination of habeas corpus and all the other crap that has transpired post-Obama could not have happened with a Republican President. That would have caused revolt.'

...and yet those assaults on liberty did happen with a republican pres. patriot acts I&II ring a bell? there was no open revolt.

i think you prudent for relocating your family, and you should consider yourself fortunate to be able to do so.

Miguel Grande

I have lived most of my life next to the Gulf of Mexico. The most scary thing I have seen is the white UN prison buses massed up in Green Cove Springs Florida waiting to be deployed. Go to Google Earth, type in Green Cove Springs, zoom in on the airport runway, and remember the writings of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.


NewZealands Emissions trading scheme comes into force from July 1st.
We emit 0.2% of anthropogenic C02.
Lots of the public beleive its a planet killing poison and call the farmers selfish for their concern.


Obama certainly has a plan for the oil disaster, it just doesn't happen to involve stopping it. The US, after all, has steadfastly refused assistance from numerous countries who could help. Instead, he welcomes this disaster to push a Draconian green agenda. Remember BP's tag-line, "Beyond Petroleum"? They're sacrificing themselves on the altar to the new god of cap and trade. As Obama's terrorist pal Rahm Emanuel has said, never let a good crisis go to waste. I'm guessing they allowed the blowout to continue this long to make it ghastly, horrific and appalling enough that the sheeple will bleat piteously to have their standard of living reduced dramatically to "solve" this problem. Massive casualties will no doubt be the denouement to their theatrical production. And then we really will move 'beyond petroleum'-- to something worse.

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