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July 14, 2010


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a reader

Oops, try posting this again.

The cap was never intended as the final solution. It was meant to slow the flow of the oil until two relief wells were drilled to stem the flow from the blown out well. They have been drilling the relief well since the beginning of this disaster.

"After a series of failed efforts to plug the leak, government and company officials say oil will likely continue flowing until a relief well cuts off the gusher, an event expected sometime in August." (http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/subjects/o/oil_spills/gulf_of_mexico_2010/index.html)

Also, there have been more than one other capping attempt. At least three have been tried, each time modifying the design with the new information they learned from previous failures. That article above explains the different attempts.

No doubt about it that BP lied, and they continue to lie. Nobody knows what the long term implication of this spill will be. To be honest, I'm more concerned about those creepy dispersants that were dumped in there without so much as a field trial. It will also remain to be seen whether fishermen along that coast will be able to continue with their livelihood.

Of course markets rule, but I think this time, we may actually see a large company who will go bankrupt. Their fines are going to be astronomical. People throughout the world were sufficiently horrified by this, that they won't forget. I hope!


a reader

forgot to add, here's a series of diagrams showing all capping attempts:



BP said the psi was too high and that there was no technology available to cap the well. The best they could hope for was drilling relief wells to relieve the pressure. Now, before the relief wells have been drilled, BP miraculously caps this using the same old technology they claimed was insufficient just a few weeks ago.

There are a lot of reason why BP and the US government would/will/do lie about this disaster. I don't believe anyone who for two and a half months said this was impossible to cap and now says it is possible using an even smaller dome than the one used for an unsuccessful top kill. The video looks fake.

Where is the harm in demanding that BP show us the proof? I do not believe they would have undertaken this "cap" without the relief wells in place for the same reason that they claim they cannot test it right now - it would have added to the pressure of the other leaks, likely creating a bigger blowout.

Markets rule. BP has every reason to lie. They have lied. They continue to lie. This "cap" has served its PR purpose - now everyone will believe there is a solution and this will end and people can start buying real estate in the south again. The PTB are only buying time.

If you disagree, then please explain to me why this cap would work now and it wouldn't work two months ago?

a reader

"Theoretically, the capping would increase the pressure on the sea floor cracks and the psi of the oil that forms two other plumes leaking into the sea floor. "

Are you a geologist as well? How would you even come to this conclusion? Nobody knows what's going on down there. The research is owned by corporations and is not public.

Seriously, do you really believe that the cap is fake? Wow, cool.


I think from the get go this oil spill was designed to break BP for political reasons, whether BP was aligning itself with the Libyans, the Palestinians or the Iranians or the Russians, I don't know.

Anyway I have no sympathy for any corporations, and yes we are not being told the truth, and this is normal, its just that now the stakes are so high.

BP's New Cap. A Ruse?
What better way to create calm and hope than to announce there is going be a new cap put on the well, and maybe the leak will be stopped. I fear the worst, that it is a ruse, to buy time. What for? Martial law, or rehearsing and considering a nuclear solution? With the restrictions on journalists, and the use of Corexit, it seems that suspicion is begged for.

poor richard

KT... If you wrote this piece?.. I am very proud of you and your talents.. If it is someone else's article.. You have a fine eye for hot articles.

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