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July 29, 2010


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a reader

Here's a link to an informed source, a geohazards specialist and professional geophysicist (he actually makes a similar case, but without the junk science):


a reader

Also you may want to check the geology of the term 'Dome'. There are at least three different types, and from what I have read about the area, these particular domes could be underwater salt domes. There is no mention anywhere in any of the geologic data of an "Ancient Underwater volcano". Recently, geologists have reported on several asphalt volcanos in the Bay of Campeche near mexico. These are referred to as the "Campeche Knolls", but they are not reported as of yet in this area.

I am commenting because I really can't stand when the facts are incorrect or worse skewed. O.K. have another opinion that's fine, but the net is polluted with this sort of pseudo-science that isn't backed up with hard data or is backed up with misrepresented or incomplete facts, such as this one. The data at NOAA are all there in black and white, so in the end it just makes these sorts of conspiracy theorists look silly in the end.

a reader

Furthermore not only has the original noaa report been 'cherry picked', but it's also been dangerously rewritten in several places. For example, the words "oil seep" have been replaced with "oil leak".
That's just bad science in my opinion, and at this point because of that I would completely discount this guy's conclusions.

Have a look at the original report here:


a reader

Another view point on Matt Simmons:


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