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November 17, 2010


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Janie Jones

A big chunk of coin that supports Greenpeace and the rest of them comes from the Pew Foundation which was created by the heirs of the original Texas Sun Oil fortune now known as Sunoco and Suncor which is now one of the biggest developers in the tar sands.
Greenpeace is a hierarchical organization and campaigners must be willing to blindly follow what ever Amsterdam instructs.

Let's also not forget that the Gore family fortune was established with shares earned in Occidental Petroleum by Al Sr acting as known Soviet agent Armand Hammer's front man in the US government and not by the family baccy farm.


"greenpeace" is a criminal organization involved in body parts & drug smugling! Sound paranoid???
So where is the money coming from to run this show???


Hi Kelly,just stumbled across your Blog and am new to Blogging myself. Your comments and research are on the mark. May I copy/paste who you are and snippets of this article/blog, your URL for this page and post a link to this on my Blog for my readers to link to you? Keep up the great work.

Alli Dolphin


Yeah, the big enviro. orgs walk a fine line...lots of threats. The govt. can now hunt down and arrest Greenpeace activists as domestic "terrorists" and they have been arresting and imprisoning "radical" environmentalists all over. One is a young mother from my hometown. I guess it's fun to ridicule people who ARE trying when all you're doing is jack shit or breeding cynicism---that's always easy!! I wish the groups would dig in more, too, but they currently have more restraints (legally and financially) than the corporate monsters!! But, thanks for your direct observations on the impact of the disaster. It needs dissemination everywhere.


Kelly Ann, I've often wondered where these supposed enviromental organizations like Greenpeace, Wilderness Society, Sierra Club, etc. go, when such terrible catastrophes occur due to negligence by large corporations like BP. BP donated $75,000 to Obama's election fund and that is probably why BP ran the supposed cleanup by spraying corexit all over the gulf. The BP execs. should have been arrested and held until the gulf was clean without corexit. A state of emergency should have been declared by the Governor of Louisiana but BP came in and paid everyone to shut up! Thanks for the article.

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