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May 09, 2011


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Why bother? Because:

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Too few people are aware of the actual facts of history as opposed to the platitudes we learned in school. Without this knowledge we are destined to succumb to the same lies as our forebears. You have only to look around to see that this is the case -- how many lies have been accepted by the masses in the last ten years sending the US & its criminal allies on countless 'foreign adventures' to "bring democracy" to the hapless inhabitants of lands wanted by the corporate controllers?

In the 19th century this was called "bringing civilization to the natives" and was lauded by the liberals of the time (conservatives don't seem to mind killing & stealing so don't have to dress their actions up in pretty language).

I think it's a great article, thanks for taking the time.

Plamen petkov

Interesting but... nobody will care about stuff from 100 years ago especially when it concerns Russia. I have to ask why bother researching all those facts and spending time writing this rather long article. Why not write instead about current and actual stuff? The fake "war on terror" (Cold War Part 2) will be much more interesting. Seems you are obsessed and have ax to grind dragging ancient history around. Jumping from topic to topic to topic made for a confusing article. What was our point? Oh yeah, the Soviet Union was created by some other people. Freemasonry, res. It's amusing yu didn't drag the Jews into the mess, after all, aren't the Jews behind ALL modern evil? Or you haven't figured that part yet? Or you don't wanna talk about it? Maybe you yourself are part of that conspiracy, hmmmm?

FYI, I was born and raised under the Cold war in Bulgaria Europe so it did affect me personally.

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