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May 03, 2012


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Lee Wm Rosevear

It's coming and its coming fast. I spent my day today cleaning, lubing, and loading every weapon I own and have my backpack of support gear ready to join in where ever the Second Shot Heard Around the World takes place. MOLON LABE


yup..lock and load America...no gulag for me. It won't happen. it seems the rest of the world want to inflict the pain of Leningrad and Stalingrad on the American people. I wonder if the American people will just sit by and take it.....

robert mcdaniel

what a government that leads us to slaughter

Gordon Livermore

so much for the land of the free


No one cares. Go back to sleep.


Same-o Same-o...The Services have always had guidance such as these manuals when conducting operations in hot zones. Whether the GIs read them or not is another very serious matter.


The occupiers and Tea Party have (or should have) the same agenda. Holding the perpetrators of the destruction of the US accountable.

Whoever is trying to paint in a dichotomy between them, to make you think they're different, have different agendas, threaten each other's existence, and hate each other, well that's your target.

Those are the 1% that BOTH the Occupy and Tea Party types should protest against.


Let me get this straight. The likes of Oboma, Pelosie, Reed, Biden, Sean Penn, etc. endorse the Occupiers and those same people see the Tea Partiers as "astro turf", etc. and they are going to haul of the Occupiers to enternment camps? What's wrong with that picture?

Beverage Bob



Well, there are upsides. The mail is free, as is the laundry and food.

And any detainee deaths, according to this field manual, look to be a royal pain in the arse for the warders, in terms of paperwork and reporting requirements. So where is the unaccountable mass-murder of civilians addendum to this document?

BTW, there have always been manuals detailing the requirements of US internment and resettlement operations. This one doesn't seem to be significantly different to the ones used in the 1940s.

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