What are best electric fillet knives for walleye?

It is not an easy task to clean and fillet walleyes, especially with a large walleye with strong bone. Even if you have masterful precision and skill, you still need the right tool to shorten the time it takes to handle a large amount of fish.

There are many brands of best fillet knife for walleye on this link, but I always prefer to used electric knife to fillet walleye. An electric knife can slice walleyes faster and more precise. In order to fillet a whole lot of walleye with less effort, there is nothing better than using an electric knife. You can visit this web to find more about fillet knives.

#1 American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife Sportsmen’s Kit

American angler pro electric is the first product I think about when it comes to best fillet knife for Walleye due to its outstanding performance. It is really useful if you need to handle a large amount of. This heavy-duty electric knife can offer the effectiveness that is 2x times more than other counterparts.

What I love about The American Angler Pro is that it comes with five different versatile blade that can be changeable depend on the type of fish you want to fillet. There are a 10″ inches Saltwater Blade, 10″ Heavy Duty Shark Blade Replacement, an 8″ Curved Tip Blade Replacement, an 8″ Heavy Duty Shark Blade Replacement, and a 5.5″ Curved Tip Blade Replacement. For filleting Walleyes, I would like to recommend the 8″ Curved a bigTip Blade Replacement.

The blade type will define how it will perform on the fish. All the blades are made of stainless steel, curved and hollow. The handle is agronomical for easy to hole, comfortable grip and lightweight. This handle will help you remove any strain on your hands while cutting. Not only that, the handle also does not up due to the airflow and ventilation design. This makes it possible for you to fillet a considerable number of walleyes continues for such long period. Not only walleyes, American angler pro electric knife also the perfect knife for other large size fish due to its outstanding performance.

#2 Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

The Bubba electric fillet knife is also a heavy duty knife that suit for handle a lot of walleyes at once. This knife comes with a 8.5” handle. It can be a bit large for small size hands but it give you a strong grip for the longest time filleting

What I like most about the BUBBA knife is that it features dual rivet blade. You will get a set of four different blades. All of the blades are coated with titanium nitride for durability and toughness. The 4 blades are 7” E-FLEX blade, 9” E-FLEX blade, 9” E-STIFF blade, and a 12” E-STIFF blade.

These blades come with different lengths, which allow you to fillet various sizes of fish. You also can combine two types are E- flex and E-stiff blade for more precise cut. This knife is cordless model, that means you can use it even on the boat or moving this electric knife. You do not need to always find the power source for using this electric knife.

The knife comes with a pack for storage a handle and four different blades. You can bring the knife along by your side everywhere with a storage case.

Lithium-Ion batteries ensure you can use the knife for such a long time before need to be recharged. You do not need to worry about running out of power at the middle. Plus, you also know the amount of battery left due to the LED indicator.

With all these benefits and conveniences, the knife worth its high price. It is a smart investment for long term with regular use to purchases on this cordless electric fillet knife.

#3 Berkley Electric Fillet Fishing Knife

In order to slice and cut walleye like a professor with less effort and faster, you will need a quality, perfect size knife like Berkley Electric Fillet Knife. It features 8-inch blade, this is the good size to fillet the walleye, its blade also made of stainless steel and coated with a chrome-plated, corrosion resistant.

You can find many sharp teeth on the edge of this knife, these teeth will help you easier to fillet walleyes with strong bones. The handle is designed with ergonomic construction for firmly grip and convenient to fillet large walleyes.

It is not the cordless model, you will need to connect it to a 120 V power source. However, the 12 feet power cord is long enough for you to comfortable move when use it. The power cord is well construct, durable and thick. The downside here is that Barkley Electric Fillet Knife is a little bit heavier than the previous option.

Why you should use the best cheese plane?

Cheese plane is usually made with sharp sliding cutting blade and a flat surface. It works like a plane on the cheese. So, it is named after its functionality. Among varied types of cheese slicer out there, cheese plane has been my favourite one for a long time.

The razor-like blade of a cheese plane can make it easier to consistently slice thin, even pieces that are pleasant to eat. And there are some other advantages of the best cheese plane that make me prefer it than other types.

#1 Durability

When it comes to life expectancy of cheese slicer, the cheese plane can maintain it effective for longer than board cheese slicer or rolling cheese slicer. This is because their performance depends on the sharpness of the blade’s edge, which usually lasts for a long time.

While other wire cheese slicers tend to lose tension or even break more often than blades require sharpening. You will need to tighten the wire or replace them for the best result.

Cheese planes are usually made of sharpen flexible steel blade, so it easily cuts thin slices. The non-stick coating helps with the smoothness of the cut.

#2 Price

The main advantage of a cheese plane is affordability. A basic cheese plane with limited or no adjustability can cost less than $10. With this affordable price, you can easy get the quality cheese plane.

On the other hand, you will have to spend about $15 to $30 for more functional cutting board models. It is even go up to $70 for cheese slicers with adjustable blade settings and marble cutting boards in upscale kitchen supply stores.

#3 Easy to clean

For busy individuals, one should choose a cheese slicer that is dishwasher safe, but cutting board cheese slicers are usually not dishwasher safe, you will have to wipe them with towel. Machine washing tends to shorten the life of stainless steel wires used in cheese slicers

Most cheese plane models are dishwasher safe, but I would like to recommend to hand-wash them when you have time to preserve its sharpness.

#4 Safety

There is the problem with the sharpness of the blade’s edge and wire that included in the cutting board models is the safety. You will have to keep an eye out as they can accidently cut onto your fingers if you are not careful. If your family has small children, it is better to use cheese plane for safer to operate.

Handheld rotary grater vs countertop rotary cheese grater: Which is better?

Cheese is an extremely important ingredient for lots of family dishes receipts from salad, BBQ, pasta, pizza to pastries. Especially if you are a cheese lover and you love the great taste that cheese gives, the cheese grater is absolutely necessary and indispensable in your kitchen.

Currently, there are many styles and brands of cheese rotary graters on the market that may make you feel overwhelmed. However, cheese rotary graters are mainly divided into two types: Handheld grater and countertop cheese grater. This post will show you the differences between them and help you get the best rotary graters.

#1 Handheld cheese graters

As the name suggest, you will hold the cheese clamp tight in one hand and keep turning the handle of it by the other hand.

It is the perfect way to grind the chees when you are moving or when your recipes just require a small amount of cheese. That means it is suitable for those who want to use grated cheese to make topping or decorate food quickly and conveniently

Handheld cheese graters are often come with one blade and are less bulky to store. They do not require lots of space and perfect for you if you want your cooktop is always clear.

They’re less versatile than countertop units, but usually more affordable and are good for occasional grating. They are easy to set up that everyone can use.

#2 Countertop cheese graters

If you feel that doing with two hands for holding and turning the rotary grater at the same time is quite difficult, try finding the second form – Countertop cheese graters. Countertop cheese graters offer more stability, particularly if equipped with a suction mechanism at the bottom.

The base of the countertop grater has been fixed to the kitchen surface to make sure it can operate safely. Due to this, you can use the countertop cheese grater by only one hand with less messy than handheld graters.

The countertop cheese graters are also can be able to handle larger grating jobs. With a counter top model, you can grate a significant amount of cheese in a short period of time.

Not only cheese, this type of rotary grater is also best for grating hard cheeses, nuts, and chocolate.

How to make horse fly repellent for humans with fresh herbs?

The turning of the season is when the horsefly reproduces and grows. Rather than dealing with these annoyances, you can repel them using common materials from around the home.

You might be used to using horse fly repellent made from essential oils as you can easy find the recipe for this spray on internet. However, if there are not available essential oils in your home, of in case you feel uncomfortable with essential oils in your skin. You should look of the other recipe of best horse fly repellent for humans without essential oils.

This post will show you some homemade fly spray recipe with fresh herbs that you can use as an alternative to essential oils.

#1 Fresh mint herbs and citronella recipe

You will need:

2 tablespoon of chopped fresh mint herbs

6 tablespoon of finely chopped citronella. You can replace citronella to lavender, catnips or cloves.

A cup of water

1 cup of alcohol or witch hazel. You are recommended to use vodka

An empty spray bottle to store your mixture

In order to make it, heat up the cup of water with the fresh herbs in a saucepan. Cover the pan and wait for a few minutes. After boiling, wait this mixture until it cool down. Then strain the herbs out of the pan. You should squeeze out the excess water in the herb so as not to waste any of the liquid.

Adding a cup of alcohol in it and then fill the spray bottle with it. Store the bottle in a cool dry place until you are ready to use it.

#2 Vanilla extract recipe

You will need:

2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

5 tablespoon of  water

5 oz of baby oil.

A squeezable tube

This recipe is very simple. You just need to add all the ingredients and fill the squeezable tube with it. This mixture is quite dense due to the vanilla extract and baby oil. If this formula make you uncomfortable when add in your skin, you can add more water until you achieve your desired consistency.

#3 Tips against Horse Flies

Apart from 2 recipe with fresh herbs above, you can plant some insect-repellent plants around your living space. Some plants such as catnips, citronella, and lavender will emit the scent that flies hate and prone to them.

This method is not really effective with horse fly but may help you prone to small amount of them.

[Europe] Just Feminized Seeds review (www.justfeminized.com): Delivery by Royal Mail

As a 420 Seed Bank, Just Feminized Seeds has us by the name alone. Who wants to experience the bitterness of anything but feminized cannabis?

That said, we don’t really care for Just Feminized website. It’s very hard to follow, the product photos are blurry, and the website has a ton of orange and black in it.

To get to the most important stuff such as the shipping methods, payment methods and delivery options you need to click on the terms of service to get there.

Make no mistake about it, there is plenty to like here once you have learned to navigate the site, for example, that Just Feminized Seeds sells over 5,000 varieties of cannabis, we just wish they had spent a few of their dollars on a good website designer.

Naturally, for U.S. customers, they want to know does the company ship to the U.S. and how soon can they get it.

First, they do ship to the U.S. Secondly, they deliver by Royal Mail. They do charge a small fee for their international shipments, £3.50 for non-insured packages and £10.50 for insured packages up to £150, with a signature required. There is also an extra charge of .99£ for stealth delivery, and an additional £2.49 for items hidden inside key rings. For £8.99 you can get the seeds hidden in a label of a T-shirt.

Delivery time for Royal Mail can be slow however, so best allow the full 21 days to receive your seeds and sometimes up to 28 days. There are no quick-serve options.

For payment Just Feminized does excel however. You can pay by almost any major credit card, bank transfer, money orders or cash. They also accept Bitcoin and other micro-currencies.

We would rate Just Feminized one of the 10 best seed banks in Europe due to its wide variety of product and multiple payment methods. However, we gave in only 3.8 stars due to a poor website, the fact that Royal Mail is the only delivery method and lots of small hidden charges add up for the consumer.

Still, it seems like a very reliable place to buy your cannabis seeds.

Source: https://msnl.blog/

Best Cheap Protein Skimmer: SCA-302 Protein Skimmer VS. Comline DOC 9001

Whenever you feeding your fish and any dirt that built up in your aquarium would lead to the problems for your tank. To clean the tank, there is nothing better than using the best protein skimmers.

However, if you are beginners, you need to have a strict budget in mind since most aquarium protein skimmers are relatively expensive. If you’ve already started an aquarium, create a budget on what the average cost for a protein skimmer you will need to pay.

With the limited budget, you may not be able to get the extremely protein skimmer, you can still get a high-quality option on a lower budget.

These following are 2 of the best cheap protein skimmer with different features but having the same reasonable cost and efficiency: SCA-302 Protein Skimmer VS. Comline DOC 9001.

#1 Price

There are many different price levels for protein skimmers out there. If you are not ready yet to spend much of money on the high-quality and popular brand of a protein skimmer, so these two devices are an ideal choice for you.

SCA-302 protein skimmer is priced at $194 and Comline DOC is $117.99. They are not the best or highest-end equipment, they are inexpensive but you will get more value than the money you paid.

#2 Skimmer capacity

Each skimmer would come with a rating capacity about the amount of water it can handle. To get the best result, check the capacity of the protein skimmer before buying and make sure that it is suitable for your tank.

Sca-302 is the in-sump protein skimmer that will be a great choice for moderately size aquariums. It can works for tanks up to 180 gallons. Meanwhile, Comline DOC protein skimmer is the model work for smaller aquariums. It can easily handle the aquarium at 37 gallons.

#3 Features

If you are looking for the saving models, so Comline is not only cheap but also the model that would help save more on the energy bills. You will not worry about energy costs. This model also brings more powerful for its price range.

SCA-302 includes an extra-large collection cup. It also comes with a strong Atman 2000 pump, which will create great bubbles to remove the organic dissolve.

Best Betta Tank: Koller Panaview Aquarium VS.  Tetra Cresent Aquarium

 Betta is a colorful and pretty freshwater fish. But not the same as what you see in many pet stores, Betta fish should not be kept in a tiny tank or fishbowl. You have to have the right Betta tank and provide your fish with the good condition if you want them to live the best life possible.

If you have no idea about the best Betta tank, keep reading our article since we are going to introduce to you two of the best aquarium starter kits for Betta that you should consider: Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit VS. Koller Panaview 5 Gallon Aquarium.

#1 Best Betta tank size

As mention above, Betta should not be kept in the small tank. You are recommended to keep them in at least 5 gallons tank size. Any smaller tank will be not enough room for Betta swim around and hide comfortably and also detrimental for the long-term health of your Betta.

Both Tetra crescent and Koller tank come with a capacity of 5 gallons, which makes them an ideal tank for Betta fish.  This size also compact enough to place perfectly in a bedroom or office.

#2 Filtration systems

Ideally, you should get a complete aquarium kit with a filter unit built-in for your first aquarium. This will ensure the success of your tank and also make maintenance much easier.

Tetra Crescent comes with a mechanical filter that pulls the water from the tank and pushes it to the filter cartridge. The sense and dual-sided mesh of the filter will work to remove the debris and waste that included in the tank. 

The filtration systems of this tank also use Ultra-activated carbon to control odors and discoloration of the water.

Koller tank provides an extremely filtration system since it offers the ability to purify the tank at a rate of 45 gallons per hour. What makes it easy to remove all the organic compose in the water. However, there are some complaints that this filter seems to be too strong for the tank capacity.

#3 Material

Tetra Crescent and Koller tank are acrylic aquariums. Although the acrylic tank is much expensive than a glass tank, it is impact resistant and much more lightweight. This will make it easy to clean and move the tank whenever you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Reptile Thermostat

Reptiles are kept in the enclosure cannot be able to seek for the heat or bask under the sunlight as what we did in their natural environment. Therefore, you have to provide a heat source for them.

Not only that, but you are also responsible for maintaining the proper temperature for your reptile.

This is the reason why you should get the best reptile thermostat, which helps you keep a consistently correct temperature.

For people who have never use a thermostat before, there are many questions may come to your mind, this post will help you get to know about reptile thermostat.

What is reptile thermostat and how does it work?

A thermostat is a device that will help you control the temperature of the heat sources easily, ensure that the temperature inside your reptile’s tank always at the safest level.

There are some different types of thermostat such as on/off thermostat, dimmer thermostat, and pulse thermostat. Each type of them will have a different operation.

However, they generally control the heater by regular the power supply that the heater receives.

The thermostat will turn on/off or increase/decrease the heater when the temperature goes out of safety levels. It is identified temperature by a sensor that is placed inside the tank.

Which type of thermostat should you use?

The type of thermostat you should use depends on some factor such as the type of heater that you are using, the temperature ranger that your reptiles require. The compatibility between your heater and the thermostat is the most important aspect you should consider.

If you are using the heat pad then you can consider buying on/off thermostats, these are the best reptile thermostats for heat pad. The dimmer thermostat seems to work well with heat bulb and pulse thermostat can be used for the ceramic heater.

Can a thermostat control more than one heater?

Yes, it is. In fact, this is the safest and most effective way to use your heater. It is entirely possible to connect more than one heater or the heater and cooling devices with the same thermostat.

The thermostat will come with two sockets, which allow you to connect the thermostat and the heaters.

Buying Guide: Best Scope For Marlin 336

The Marlin 336 is a reliable rifle unlike any other on the market. People can get an accurate shot and expect the bullet to hit the target. But users could benefit from a little added accuracy with their next shot. The best scope for Marlin 336 is helpful for a lot of reasons. The scope is going to be set on top of the rifle barrel as is needed. The rifle can be shot at long range, so be ready to use the scope. That could benefit people who want a great new addition to the rifle. The best scope for Marlin 336 deserves a second look. That could be a worthy addition to the rifle when it is used too.

See the Leopuld V-1 scope, which is a highly valued addition to the collection. That item could be a popular addition to any current collection. People admire the precision accuracy that they will get from the design. The best scope for Marlin 336 rifles will be debated by a lot of collectors. They want a model like the Leopuld V-1 scope when possible. That gives them a chance to add a new scope to their rifle. Learn more info by doing a little preliminary research as is needed. The Leopuld V-1 scope is a great start for anyone of any skill level today.

Read the reviews and research different scopes now on the market. That is the best scope for Marlin 336 option for people. Trust the design phase and see how the scope is being marketed. The price tag is another big factor that could sway some opinions. Some buyers don’t want to pay too much for the best scope for Marlin 336. They have a fixed budget and can buy only some models that are available too.


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

Below you will find a short description of the services Blush & Bashful provides for the wedding weekend or event. Our mission is to have the happy couple or honored guest(s) to enjoy every minute of their day with no stress! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Wedding Planning Assistance

  • ~ Initial consultation to discuss wedding theme, give vendor suggestions and create a planning timeline
  • ~ Pre-wedding check-up (3 weeks prior to the wedding)

Wedding Weekend Direction

  • ~ Create detailed timelines for the wedding weekend
    ~ Rehearsal ~ Wedding Day ~ Reception
  • ~ Direct rehearsal from beginning to end
  • ~ Communicate & Coordinate with vendors about the timeline for the wedding day
  • ~ Arrive at the Ceremony Venue two hours prior to the Ceremony
  • o Coordinate Ushers & House Party roles for Ceremony
  • o Available to assist families as needed
  • Direct the Wedding and Reception from beginning to end

Event Planning Assistance

  • ~ Initial Consultation to discuss event theme, give vendor suggestions and create a planning timeline
  • ~ Pre-event check-up (3 weeks prior to the event)

Event Day

  • ~ Communicate & Coordinate with vendors about the timeline
  • ~ Coordinate and Help with Minor Decor setup.
  • ~ Direct the Event from beginning to end


  • ~ Address invitations, place cards, table numbers, and escort cardsFor a more detailed description of our services, please contact us!