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"In the world in which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself." - Frantz Fanon


Home is wherever I am at the moment. I think of myself as a human and not someone identified by the county of origin on my passport.

I traded in the hectic life in the US for the peace and tranquility of running a bookstore, coffeehouse and coffee farm on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. It's not always the peaceful life I had imagined!

Art and photography are my passions. I have a great eye, a great camera and absolutely no idea what a F stop actually is, though I have a vague idea of what the numbers mean.

I enjoy discussing markets, economics, politics, science and philosophy, which combined with my writing style creates the impression by many that I am a man. That is not true! I am the proud owner of XX chromosomes!

Traveling, skiing, reading, writing, gardening, and communing with nature are my favorite pastimes, though the skiing part is sort of difficult thanks to life in the tropics.