What is the best heat distribution non stick pan for gas stove?

Although Gas stoves have been around for a long time, they are older than electric stoves still preferred by many people as you are easy to adjust the heat of a gas stove. Moreover, using gas is also comparatively cheaper than cooking with electricity.

If you are owning gas stove, it is important to know what is the best non-stick pan for gas stove to efficiently cook your food. Best pans sets gas stoves should distribut heat evenly across the entire pan and quickly adapt to changes in temperature.

#1 Why you should get even heat distribute non-stick pan?

When you use a non-stick pan that distributes heat evenly across the cooking surface, it will help to keep your food from scorching, cook evenly and also last longer. Not only that, It’s a good ideal to have at least on non-stick pan in your kitchen for cooking eggs, fish fillets, or other delicate items.

However, there is a note that non-stick coating tends to breaks down faster at high temperatures, so hot spots can shorten the lifespan of a pan. This is why you need an even heat distribute non-stick pan.

#2 Stainless steel

If you’re going to buy stainless steel pots and pans, make sure that they’re clad with copper or aluminium. Aluminium sandwiched by two layers of stainless steel is called as stainless steel tri-ply. This helps with corrosion and wear protection for a long time used.

The drawback of stainless steel is that its heat distribution is not really good. The copper or aluminum clad will help the pan works on induction and is an excellent material for even heat distribution.

Furthermore, Cladding will make pots and pans easier to clean. However, these pans are usually much more expensive than their normal stainless steel cookware.

#3 Aluminum

Aluminum is the most common type of pan. These are coated with enamel on the outside and are not sticky on the inside. Anodized aluminum is aluminum that was treated electrochemically to produce a hard finish that can withstand peeling or chipping. Anodized aluminum pan can be known as the highest quality pan nowadays as it is excellent heat conductor, and durable.

The drawback of fully aluminum pan is that they won’t work on induction because they’re not magnetic. So, if you has an induction stove, it is better to go with aluminum pan encased in stainless steel.