Handheld rotary grater vs countertop rotary cheese grater: Which is better?

Cheese is an extremely important ingredient for lots of family dishes receipts from salad, BBQ, pasta, pizza to pastries. Especially if you are a cheese lover and you love the great taste that cheese gives, the cheese grater is absolutely necessary and indispensable in your kitchen.

Currently, there are many styles and brands of cheese rotary graters on the market that may make you feel overwhelmed. However, cheese rotary graters are mainly divided into two types: Handheld grater and countertop cheese grater. This post will show you the differences between them and help you get the best rotary graters.

#1 Handheld cheese graters

As the name suggest, you will hold the cheese clamp tight in one hand and keep turning the handle of it by the other hand.

It is the perfect way to grind the chees when you are moving or when your recipes just require a small amount of cheese. That means it is suitable for those who want to use grated cheese to make topping or decorate food quickly and conveniently

Handheld cheese graters are often come with one blade and are less bulky to store. They do not require lots of space and perfect for you if you want your cooktop is always clear.

They’re less versatile than countertop units, but usually more affordable and are good for occasional grating. They are easy to set up that everyone can use.

#2 Countertop cheese graters

If you feel that doing with two hands for holding and turning the rotary grater at the same time is quite difficult, try finding the second form – Countertop cheese graters. Countertop cheese graters offer more stability, particularly if equipped with a suction mechanism at the bottom.

The base of the countertop grater has been fixed to the kitchen surface to make sure it can operate safely. Due to this, you can use the countertop cheese grater by only one hand with less messy than handheld graters.

The countertop cheese graters are also can be able to handle larger grating jobs. With a counter top model, you can grate a significant amount of cheese in a short period of time.

Not only cheese, this type of rotary grater is also best for grating hard cheeses, nuts, and chocolate.