How to properly use a tow rope?

When you travel on treacherous roads in a bed weather condition or you are using off-road vehicles such as snowmobiles, the best tow rope will help you salvage your stuck vehicle.

It’s seem like nothing complicate on how to use a tow rope. However, if you use it wrong, it could cause damage to your vehicle or even to human. This post is some basic steps and guidelines to follow for using your tow rope.

#1 Check and ensure the tow rope capable of towing your vehicle

The first thing to do is determine payload weight your tow rope is rated. The capacity of the rope is also called the breaking capacity, which is measured in pounds. Ensure that the rope has more capacity than the weight of your vehicle.

Then double check the tow rope if there are any tears, damages or defects that could weaken it.

#2 Find the trailer hitch or mounting point on your vehicle

Generally, you can fine the mounting pint on the front and the rear of a car or boat that a tow strap can connect to. These two points are also the only places that you should hook up a vehicle as the other else could possibly damage your vehicle.

In the case if you cannot find anywhere on your car to connect with the row top and you do not have other options, you can connect the tope to the car’s frame. This is the safest choice for this situation.

#3 Ready to go

If the car being towed is working they you can put this in first gear of set it in parking brake off mode. If the car is not working then it should be in neutral position and make sure there is a human in the car.

Slowly drive your car forward until the tow rope tightens. Remember to avoid sudden movements as it can cause accident. If you fell a lot of resistance, then double check your tow rope that it is hooked up the right way and do you use the suitable rope for your car.