How To Smoke On A Weber Gas Grill

I know that you are looking for a method of smoking food on a traditional weber gas grill is when you do not want to purchase any dedicated smoker to save space and also money. If you have already had a gas grill, I am here to help you to answer the question of “How to smoke on a weber gas grill” in the easiest and simplest way. However, this technique is just suitable for a small quantity of smoked food not a large one,  so please consider some smoker grill combo or other useful appliances instead.

Now let’s start to the main part!

How to Smoke on a Weber Gas Grill

Traditional gas grill is not designed to smoke any food so before using it for smoking, you might change the way it works. Firstly, you need to turn on the burner that is normally on the left of your gas grill and then light it to medium heat. Preheating it to reach about 225 degrees F to 250 degrees F, if the temperature still stay under 180 degrees F on the first 20 minutes, try to turn on additional burner (optional). This step is very necessary because it partialy decides your food quality.  Next, when your cooking equipment is already preheated, it’s time to add the fire materials – wood. Place directly your wood chips or pellets over the burner and wait for the wisps of smoke appearing. Once you see the wisps, put your meat on the opposite side of the gas grill to avoid the directly-high heat exposed from the lit burner and close the lid as soon as possible. Go for it and finally you will have a delicious dish of smoked meat.

Aside from classic gas grill, there is another kind of grill that is equipped with a metal smoker box will support you so much when smoking food. This box is placed on top of a dedicated burner. Even if your grill doesn’t include a dedicated smoker box, you can choose to buy a heavy-gauge stainless steel one to sit on the top right of your cooking grate or make your “one-of-a-kind” smoker box by aluminum foil.

What is The Best Smoker Grill Combo

Have you ever heard about a smoker grill combo? I think some of you might have but actually don’t know what is it about and what can it really help you. The reason why I put this part in the article because I believe that the smoker grill combo is the best solution if you want to not only have a tasty grilled meat but also eat a full-of-flavor dish of smoked chicken in one and only equipment. I did some research and also picked top 5 best smoker grill combo to share with you here. Don’t hestitate to take a look and find yourselve the most suitable one for your kitchen. 


Even though you are a “professional” home chef or an amateur in smoked meat, I hope this article will at least give you some helpful things to learn, so smoking meat in any gas grill will not be a challenge for you anymore. Thanks for reading and I would be so, so glad if you share this with your friends! 

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