> Amazon (Peru)

These photos of the Amazon river and parts of the jungle were shot in October 2009 during what is known as low water season. During high water season, instead of hiking through the jungle, I would be canoeing through the jungle, as the water can rise between two and three meters and the jungle is very flat.

airport moto taxis iquitos
Iquitos cemetary
Houseboat on the Amazon River
Fruit Delivery
Ferry on the Amazon
mosquito netting
Explorama Lodge
Tree Bark
Colored bark 4
orange buterfly
glass wing butterfly
red leaf in a tree
Glasswing butterfly
Small pirana
Pretty fungus
Jungle floor
Trippin' in the jungle
Poison dart frog
Yagwa blowgun demonstration
Yagwa tribesmen and the shaman
Dos monos
Kelly in the canopy
Looking down on the trees
View from the canopy
Canopy walkway
Looking down from the canopy
Orchids and other parasites
pale green bark
Puff of Orange
Pink bark
Capybara and cat
leaf and bark
Capybara and parrot
Spotted leaf
Path into the jungle
Yellow star
Orange butterfly
Scarlet macaw
two scarlet macaws
Water buffalo
River House
Public housing Amazon style
blue house
Santa Rosa casa rosa
Drying fish
Smiling boys