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This is a collection of some of my favorite images, arranged in no particular order. Some of these have been published on my blog or professional site, while others make their first public appearance in this album. All works are digital creations using hundreds of photos (the majority of which were taken by me), Photoshop, and other digital art software. All works copyright Kelly Ann Thomas, 2004-2010.

Abstract art
Abstract Guardabarranco
Alter Ego
Art of War #10
artistic interpretation of the mercado
Artsy Flowers
Austin Billboard
Beach Party
Bicyle Art
Black and White Daisies
Blue Gerbera
Bridge over Troubled Water
Bright as Flowers
Casa roja
Contemporary Wheel
Dreaming of Flowers
El Gato Quatro
Garden of Eden
Girl Power
Guardabarranco changes colors
Guy Thing
Hands and Feet
La Tienda
Leaving the Matrix
Modern Fan
Modern Leaves
Nicaraguan landscape
NY Fashion
Orange Daisies
Original Flowers
Painted Flowers
Party with the Blue Dog
Pastel butterfly
Phyics of Flowers
Play Flowers
Poetic Justice
Poetic Justice 3
Poetic Justice 5
Purple Dash
Purple Fusion
Purple Giraffe
Pussy Willows B/W
Red Giraffe
Sea Scene
Self Portrait of an Artist 2