> Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires was our last destination prior to our return to Nicaragua. It was a way to acclimate to the time change from New Zealand and refamiliarize ourselves with Spanish and Latin culture. Except the Argentines speak brilliant Spanish with an Italian accent and the city felt more like Manhattan without the pretension than anything Central American.

Street Scene
Fruit and Vegetable Market
Two Men Playing Checkers
Tree Lined Streets
Missing Girl
Black Cat
Botanical Gardens
Two Lovers
Legalize It
Palermo SoHo
Tree Trunk
The Art of Advertising
Art Festival
Blank Sign
Political Expression
Political Expression
El Gato Negro Spice and Tea Shop
Gato Negro sign
Metro Mural Part 1
Metro Mural Part 2
Blurry Doorway
Changing Themes
Changing Times
Bar Cronicho
Arte de Mafia
Street Scene
Blue Corner
Man in doorway
Art Graffiti
Palermo Soho
Art Graffiti
Art Graffiti
Art Graffiti
Palermo Soho
Art Graffiti
Dog Mural
Serrano Soho at Night
Park Mosaic Part 1
Mosaic in the Park
Park near Santa Fe
Belly Dancers Await
Two Men
Religion on a Streetcorner