> Howler Monkeys

The first photos were taken from my porch. This young male was about 20 feet away. The next set of photographs were taken near Playa Escamequita. The photographs of a male hanging out in the pink blossoms were taken 200 feet into the road leading into our property. The middle photos images are from an overnight visit of 11 Howler monkeys (also known as Congo monkeys). The jefe actually climbed over the treetops to come get a closer look at me - and my camera! At one point he was in a tree ten feet above me, five feet in front of me - and my 300 mm lens was just too big to get a good shot! The latter photos are from a tribe of 50 Congo monkeys (including at least 10 babies) that came for a visit this summer. They spent several hours hollering, swinging through trees, and taking care of the little ones. These are the best of 200 photos. I used my 300 mm lens, great for definition, but difficult to focus between the branches.

Congo monkey
Anthro pose
Look into my eyes
Hanging out
Wind blown
Michael Jordan wannabe
Congo Monley
Congo Monley
Congo Monkey
Male Howler Monkey
Howler Monkey
Howler Monkey
Howler Monkey
Howler Monkey Howls
Yo Pienso
Look ma! Five cavities!
Monkeys in a tree
Pretty in Pink
Howler Monkey
Howler Monkey
Howler Monkey
Hooting and hollering
Dos monos
Mother and baby
Female howler monkey
Howler monkey
Male howler monkey
Male howler monkey
Howler monkeys
Howler monkey
Hanging out with the monkeys
Tres monos
Mother and Child
Gender Is Obvious
Howler Monkey
On the Prowl
Climbing through the trees
Hello Monkey
Mother and Child Reunion
Deep Thoughts
El Jefe!
Cat, Dog and Monkey