> El Gato Negro

El Gato Negro is my bookstore/coffeehouse/cafe in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

We have a Facebook page here. The website is dead because someone forgot to renew the domain and it was eventually purchased by a Chinese firm.

In lieu of a website, here a few factoids: Store hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. Cash and gold bullion only. We will barter if you can provide us with 100% maple syrup and/or maple candies and/or Haribo ORIGNAL Gummy Bears, Cabot Extra Sharp white cheddar cheese or fresh Bing cherries discreetly smuggled through Nicaraguan customs. We have fresh roasted coffee from our own organic farm (roasted in the cafe); raw cacao treats; vegetarian fare; killer Ruben sandwiches (when pastrami is available!); amazing books that will change your life; coconut french toast and banana chocolate chip muffins; organic baby green salad mix; Superfood smoothies (including a sex smoothie) that go beyond anything you have seen in the rest of the world; art (including yoni charms!) and photography; a comfy couch; games, Tarot cards, and magazines to enjoy while you are sipping your coffee or indulging on one of our fabulous sandwiches.

Shambhala sleeping on the job
Jack likes to climb the tree
Camilla and Kelvin
Future Bookstore Owner/Manager/Customer
Patio with the new rancho and landscaping!
talking with friends
Lucy and Teddy checking out the books
morning coffee with friends
Carl and Lucy
old gato negro sign
Stained glass table
Painted armoire
Gwendolyn's Art
Julian and Miles
new sign
Painting tiles
Milling the cacao
Behind the scenes at El Gato Negro
Cindy drinks water at el gato negro
Monkey propaganda
Kelly and the gosling
Coconut Delivery at El Gato Negro
Kermit and ruth at gato negro
Office Time
Pushing the cart
El Gato in the campo
el gato negro
el gato in the campo
Gloria and Dareysa
Yveth and Dareysa
Book signing sign
Packing books
The Crusher
Drew at the gato
Sponsored by Gato Negro
horse cart
Touch up
Checking the progress