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El Gato Negro is my bookstore/coffeehouse/cafe in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

We have a Facebook page here. The website is dead because someone forgot to renew the domain and it was eventually purchased by a Chinese firm.

In lieu of a website, here a few factoids: Store hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. Cash and gold bullion only. We will barter if you can provide us with 100% maple syrup and/or maple candies and/or Haribo ORIGNAL Gummy Bears, Cabot Extra Sharp white cheddar cheese or fresh Bing cherries discreetly smuggled through Nicaraguan customs. We have fresh roasted coffee from our own organic farm (roasted in the cafe); raw cacao treats; vegetarian fare; killer Ruben sandwiches (when pastrami is available!); amazing books that will change your life; coconut french toast and banana chocolate chip muffins; organic baby green salad mix; Superfood smoothies (including a sex smoothie) that go beyond anything you have seen in the rest of the world; art (including yoni charms!) and photography; a comfy couch; games, Tarot cards, and magazines to enjoy while you are sipping your coffee or indulging on one of our fabulous sandwiches.

Artist's assistant
Choosing Colors
March 22, 2010
Anya and Julie
El Gato Negro
Dude sleeping on the couch
Hanging out at gato
Hang out with the gato negro
Me and Nick
Trevor's last meal at El Gato Negro
Ray and Bear
Max and Vanessa
Max reads
Gallina at the bookstore
Operation Gallina
Operation Gallina
Operation gallina
Rob makes a delivery
Clowning around
Cecilia and Hannah
Reading Lounge
Reading Lounge
Stoli makes herself at home
Milk Delivery
The new look
Rob and Maya
Hey Monkey!
El Gato Quarto
Breakfast crowd
Menu covers
Guaro guys
Rob, Ray and Donna
Whistle Salesman
Fresh roasted coffee
Nicky shares the table
Nicky helps with inventory
I eat books for pleasure
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