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We moved to Houston from Tempe, AZ, eight months ago. I had seen the house for less than five minutes and my husband had never seen the house until after closing. The 37 year-old house was a scene from a horror movie. There will be a long rant on the renovation experience as soon as the interior work is finished, which we hope will be within the next few weeks. While I once enjoyed Trading Spaces, I cannot watch the show anymore. And forget about the new show, House Rules! That might set off a series of flashbacks, and I never want to go there again! Nor will I ever again watch "The Money Pit" or "Moving". If you like creative exteriors, you might like to check out this house in Bradenton, Florida. It is certainly inspiring!

Bathroom downstairs
Bathroom downstairs wall
Bathroom full view
Bathroom Vanity
Bathroom Vanity 2
Dining Room
Diningroom 2
Guest Bedroom
Hallway to Library
Kitchen 2
Kitchen hardware
Kitchen hardware knob
Kitchen table
Library 2
Library to Dining Room
Library to Hall 2
Library to Hall 3
Library to Hallway
Living Room
Living Room
Living room 1
Living Room to Kitchen
My office
My Office 2
My Office 3
My Office 4
Purple Bathroom
Purple Chair
Vladimir sunning himself
Yellow Bathroom
Yellow Bathroom - Bay window
Yellow Bathroom 3