> Moray

Moray is an ancient Incan agriculture site 50 kilometers north of Cuzco. It is known for its assortment of terraced circular depressions that are believed to have been used to study various climatic conditions for assorted crops by creating microclimates. We had a Queshuan shaman and his wife perform a ceremony that involved giving us rite and creating a despacho. Just before we finished the ceremony, a white tailed eagle hovered overhead. Literally, he hovered without moving his wings or moving in any direction. We felt especially blessed.

Kim, Donna, Ashera at Moray
Snails in the cactus fruit
Inca steps
Steps of Moray
Rings of Moray
The Queshuan Shaman
Shaman Vasillio and Sabina
Vasilio and Sabina
Making the despacho
Donna receiving rites
The shaman and his cell phone
Sabina's braids
View from Moray
Moray steps
View from Moray
Vista from Moray
sheep grazing
Vista from Moray
Mother and hijas
Two dogs
adobe house near Moray
girl in pink
Adobe street