> Ometepe and Charco Verde

Loading plantains off the ferry
Ferry Passengers and Cargo
Concepcion from the ferry
Rob on the ferry
Ometepe Laundromat
Inside our cabin
Pretty Tree
Mirar del diablo
Black Cow
En route to mirar del diablo
Path to the Devil
View toward Volcan Madera
Ometepe Landscape
Afternoon Sun
Sunset over concepcion
Ometepe sunset
White Dog
Ometepe Squirrel
Charco Verde Path through Reserve
Bridge through Charco Verde Preserve
Charco Verde Lake
Charco Verde Path 2
Charco Verde View with Pink Flowers
Peeking into the lake
Field of Morning Glories
Another view of Madera
Charco Verde Inn
Cows along the shore
Organic Laundry
Woman washing clothes in the lake
Outdoor sink
Timo and Nina
Monkey in a tree
Monkey with Grace
Me with Volcan Madera in the background
Isla de Ometepe
Volcan Concepcion
Volcan Concepcion from the Pan American Highway
road to the volcano
Volcan Concepcion
Ometepe forest
Ometepe - view of Volcan Concepcion
Ometepe - view of Volcan Maderas