> Quillarumiyoc

Quillarumiyoc, which means "stone of the moon" in queshuan, is located in the Anta valley, about 20 miles from Cusco, Peru. The site was "discovered" in 1995, with much of the area yet uncovered. During teh discovery, a National Geographic team came across a mummy which appeared to be the upper half of a human body. Testing revealed the mummy was not of human origin. Outside of the Cave of the Mother are several petroglyphs that appear to be of alien heads, including the half body of the mummy inside the cave. One can also see a petroglyph that appears to be a space vehicle. A sacred temple sits beneath an ancient terrace system used for agriculture. A large rock bearing a half moon carving with seven indentations, thought to represent the seven chakras. This sacred site is void of tourists and rarely appears in any guide book.

Kelly at Quillarumiyoc
Entrance to Quillarumiyoc
Alien petroglyph
Pachamama formation
space vehicle
One Love
Puma head
Alien petroglyph
The terraces of Quillarumiyoc
La cabeza
flowers in the rocks
Peruvian girl
Puma the Shaman
Peruvian girl and her dog
Herding the cows
Bench of the mummies
View of the caves of Quillarumiyoc
View of Veronica
cow by the fence
adobe houses
Gift from the mayor
Vista of the Anta Valley
Peruvian children
Kids clearing their energy with florida water