> San Juan del Sur - Semana Santa

Semana Santa is the Nicaraguan equivalent of Spring Break in the Unikted States, albeit without the wet T-shirt contests. San Juan del Sur is traditionally the spot where tens of thousands of people celebrate the Holy Week with lots of religious parades, fried chicken, and displays of public drunkenness. It isn't as crazy as people made it out to be, but then I spent my teenage years in Daytona Beach, tourist mecca. These photos are from April 2006 and March-April 2010.

Dancing doll
street vendors in blue
lifeguard station
Sunset sjds marzo
Gato Negro Horse Cart
Watching the sunset
Hanging out in front of The Pier
Shades of drunken green
Hot Dogs for Sale
Ride in
Alcohol victim
Tent City
Too many people
Crowded Beaches
Hat Vendor
Good Friday
The Ice Man 2
The Ice Man
Vive Victoria!
Cookie Vendor
Bathing suits for sale
Taking a break
Lots of people
Sponsored by....
Working the beach
Beach Scene
Washed Ashore
Semana Santa
At the end of the strip
Baby Gap a la Nicaragua
Beer and Ice
Just a Flurry of Beer and Rum!
Before the crowds set in
El Gato Negro Fan Club