> Victory Garden

That's right, a Victory Garden, because that's what happens when you let someone with a dormant plant addiction onto the internet. Originally, it was to be a simple garden, but now it has turned into a monster and could end up being 10,000 s.f. With Monsanto pushing for legislation that would make organic farming too prohibitive except for the wealthiest of society (ironically, Monsanto bans genetically modified food from its own cafeteria), it's important to have a supply of seeds. Living in a poor yet agriculturally rich country where many cannot afford to buy fresh vegetables, I think it is important to familiarize the population with organic farming - and to expand the very limited selection of vegetables here. This garden will have more than 50 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, 12 watermelon varieties, 30 plus squash, 20 plus eggplant, 30 plus melons, including a variety from Iran that is over 400 years old (if that doesn't get me on the watch list, what will?),eight kinds of sweet corn, beets, colorful carrots...At a buck or two a pack, you don't think it will be that bad, until almost $1000 later, when it's too late, you've decided the universe is directing you to build your own victory garden to get through the coming depression.

Soon-to-be garden
First harvest
Burning the fields
Marlo burns
Kelly in the garden
Nature girl
Isabelle the prarie dog
Cucumber seedlings
Recycling tejas
Recycling wood
Blue grosbeak in my garden
Water delivery
Digging the beds
Making progress
First cucumbers
Ayuda con los postes
Young pomegranate
First melon
Me in the garden
Future tomato garden
House in proximity to garden
Last days
Marlo preparing corn holes
The Garden Expands
Kelly in the garden
Ronnie and Marlo put up the fence
Ronnie and Marlo
Yellow summer squash
Marlo digging corn holes
The garden at dusk
Kelly in the sprinkler