> Scenes from the Sky

These images were captured on flights between Managua and Miami. The land mass is Cuba.

Flying over Caribbean atoll
Sunset from the plane
Factory Art
Miami skyline
Seen from the sky
flying over water
Florida Everglades
Everglades as seen from the sky
Window to the verglades
Florida coastline
red streaks of oil over the florida keys
Florida Keys
The Keys peek through
Sky Scene
Window Seat to the World
Gulf of Mexico from the air
Atolls in theCaribbean
Sky High
Island from the sky
clouds in the sky
clouds in the sky
Volcanoes of Nicaragua
Volcan masaya from the airport
Miami Beach
Miami Beach
Azul Cielo
ocean floor as seen from above
Florida Evergaldes
Above the clouds in the sky
Sky high
Empty island
Cuban coastline
Cuban Coastline
Cuban coastline
Caribbean flyover
Caribbean blue
Looking down at the water from a plane
Flying over the Caribbean
Sea floor colors
seen from above
Coastline seen from the sky
Caribbean Blue
Blue sea
land water sky
atoll below