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Baby Sloth

I took this photo of a baby sloth at my friend Fred's development, El Encanto del Sur. I was photographing the bark of this tree when I noticed what appeared to be the top of an egg.  I looked from the other side of the tree and it appeared to be the fuzzy head of a bird.  Just then my friend Carmen said, "I I see a head!"
"You see a bird?" I asked.
"It's a face!"
I walked to the other side of the tree, expecting to see a baby bird when all of a sudden this cute little thing appeared in the crook of the branches.  I have never seen a baby sloth in the wild, so this was a special treat.  I wish I had my Nikon with me (it would have been a National Geographic shot), but that's another story.

copyright Kelly Ann Thomas
All rights reserved.

Nicaraguan politics

I captured this image in Granada, Nicaragua.  The woman in the picture is the wife of the President, a woman who  chose political power over family.  Her daughter claimed that as a teeneager she had been raped on many occasionse by Daniel Ortega, her step-father.  Her mother believed more in the man whose role in the revolution was that of a strog man and bank robber than the words of her own daughter.  The daughter never recanted her story, but after Ortega's election she wrote an editorial calling fpr peace and reconcillation.  Numerous people believe that the familiy (or government) paid the daughter to remain silent after he 2006 election.

For me, this image represents mre than just some raggedy political posters.

Graffiti granada nicaragua rosario

copyright Kelly Ann Thomas

All rights reserved.