The Shootin Shop Reviews

Come down to the Shootin Shop grab a burger and buy an egg for a chance to win a gun! Every egg is winner.

Winners of our like and share event – John Johnson and Diana Wilkinson. Come by today and get some grub. Inbox us if you can’t make out and we’ll feed you anytime.

Corey McCormick

I have bought many guns from the shop. Between pistols shotguns and rifles, I drive out of my way every time leaving Midland to drive through Abilene to deal with these people over everyone else!

Russell Cochran

Great place to do business. I’ve supported the shootin shop for years and this company is great

Zachary Harter

This place has great customer service and a great selection. I’ve bought two firearms from there so far and will go back. I would like to thank Victor Roman for your great service.

Ittap Raehpnal

Came to. See the boys and enjoy their awesome food…GO ROCKIN ROLLERZ!!!!

Thats what i am talking about. JB Coffee

Robert Monohan That’s some good coffee.

Richelle Caton Cloud That looks like something I need to get for a friend of mine.

JB Cloud i officially own this bag of coffee. These guys are awesome.